cover image The Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange

Veronica G. Henry. 47North, $16.99 trade paper (300p) ISBN 978-1-66250-378-8

Vodou priestess Reina Dumond returns for another investigation in Henry’s entertaining sequel to The Quarter Storm. After solving a murder in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Reina is happily back to focusing on fine-tuning her spells and performing rituals for goddess Erzulie, her spiritual patron. Then her friend Evangeline “Vangie” Stiles comes to her for guidance: $5,000 has mysteriously appeared in her joint bank account with con-artist husband, Arthur, leading Vangie to believe that Arthur may be in over his head. Reina reluctantly takes up the mantle of private investigator once more, and her sleuthing leads her to stumble on a corpse. Immediately spotting signs of a ritualistic killing, Reina worries that Vangie’s case and the murder are connected—and that something magical is at play. The real fun here is in revisiting Reina—whose vodou practices and Haitian heritage make her an especially memorable heroine—and her loving, well-shaded community. The mystery itself is a bit of a slow burn, occasionally fading to the background between the discovery of clues. Still, urban fantasy fans will be drawn in by the vibrant NOLA setting and the charming cast. Agent: Mary C. Moore, Kimberly Cameron & Assoc. (Feb.)