cover image The American Roommate Experiment

The American Roommate Experiment

Elena Armas. Atria, $18 trade paper (480p) ISBN 978-1-66800-277-3

Armas’s adorable follow-up to Booktok sensation The Spanish Love Deception will delight fans even as it stands on its own. Following the publication of Rosie Graham’s first novel, she quit her engineering job to bet on a career writing romance, but writer’s block and a mishap that renders her New York City apartment unlivable combine to make the prospect of finishing her sophomore novel an uphill climb. Fortunately, she’s able to hide from her woes at her friend Lina’s apartment while Lina’s out of town. That is, until Lucas Martín, Lina’s cousin, who’s traveling the U.S. to avoid his own troubles back home in Spain, arrives planning to stay in the apartment himself. It’s not what either expected, but they agree to be temporary roommates—and Lucas offers to help Rosie get over her writer’s block by taking her on a series of romantic dates that could serve as inspiration. It’s purely professional; Lucas even promises not to fall in love. So now Rosie just needs to hide the enormous crush she’s developed on him. Armas does a fantastic job showing her characters’ developing feelings and allowing the romantic tension to drive the plot. This is a treat. Agent: Jessica Watterson, Sandra Dijsktra Literary. (Sept.)