cover image Nothing Is Scary with Harry

Nothing Is Scary with Harry

Katie McElligott, illus. by Jennifer A. Bell. Cottage Door, $14.99 (24p) ISBN 978-1-68052-386-7

Katie adores her blanket, which she calls Harry. With Harry by her side, she can do anything—dance on stage, take a test, recover from chicken pox, or jump off a high dive (though the latter two references likely won’t register with today’s young readers). When Harry starts to get threadbare, Katie’s mother suggests it might be time to say goodbye, but Katie’s mother has a change of heart and the girl keeps Harry into adulthood (somewhat unrealistically, given its shredded state), eventually passing Harry onto her own child. McElligott’s messages are earnest, if a tad on the nose: “Life can be scary, so how can it be wrong/ to hold tight to something that makes you feel strong?” Regardless, readers will be comforted by Bell’s soft-hued art and the notion of a forever blanket. Ages 5–6. [em](Feb.) [/em]