cover image The More the Merrier: An Amish Christmas Romance

The More the Merrier: An Amish Christmas Romance

Linda Byler. Good Books, $14.99 trade paper (208p) ISBN 978-1-680994704

Byler (Home is Where the Heart Is) once again relies on her Amish heritage to bring rural Pennsylvania to life in this fine love story. Annie Miller is an Amish widow raising eight children during the Great Depression. The family sells their milk and eggs and lives on mush and coffee soup because Annie is too proud to ask the church for help. Then their barn catches fire and Daniel Beiler, who happens to be passing by on his buggy, notices the smoke and comes to the rescue. Afterward, Beiler, an amish widower, returns to his six children, and, unable to get Annie out of his mind, he boldly writes her and asks to begin a relationship. After months of indecision, Annie finally agrees. The chemistry develops quickly, and Daniel and Annie marry; however, combining their households is not as easy as simply moving into Daniel’s much larger farm. Ever hopeful, Annie is convinced things will get better and works to integrate the large, eclectic family filled with contrasting personalities. Byler spends a great deal of time describing tasks and less on character development, often leaving readers in the dark as to why her characters act as they do. This quiet romance moves swiftly to a resolution and will appeal to fans of Wanda Brunstetter. (Nov.)