cover image Shadowman, Book 1

Shadowman, Book 1

Cullen Bunn and Jon Davis-Hunt. Valiant, $14.99 trade paper (112p) ISBN 978-1-68215-374-1

This reboot by Bunn (the Deadpool series) sends its macabre superhero on a series of gleefully spine-chilling adventures that gradually build to a more menacing plot. Jack Boniface’s bond with a voodoo spirit gives him the ability to cross between the human world and the Deadside—plus a cool skull face and a glowing scythe with which he dispatches dangerous Deadside spirits. Guided by the sardonic, untrustworthy Baron Samedi, Boniface travels the earth, taking on a secret blood cult in New Orleans, a haunted ghost town in Arizona, and supernatural threats in Barcelona, London, and Port-au-Prince. Between fight scenes and action-hero bon mots (“All those murder-parties usually wreak havoc on property values”), Boniface and the Baron find themselves on the trail of a spreading evil called the Blight, as well as a mysterious, powerful woman. The detailed art from 2000 A.D. alumnus Davis-Hunt rolls out a spooky, atmospheric setting, gruesome and bizarre monsters, and plenty of gory magical battles. Jordie Bellaire’s glowing, jewel-like colors lend beauty to the creepiest creatures. Combining horror, urban fantasy, and a touch of superheroics, this fast-paced adventure is a sure bet for fans of all three genres, out just in time for Halloween. (Oct.)