cover image Breaking All the Rules

Breaking All the Rules

Amy Andrews. Entangled Amara, $16.99 trade paper (368p) ISBN 978-1-68281-563-2

Andrews (Playing It Safe) proves herself a master of romantic banter in this snappy small-town tale. When Beatrice “Bea” Archer is once again passed over for a promotion, despite over a decade of loyalty and hard work, she quits her job, throws a dart at a map, and moves where it lands—quiet Credence, Colo.—trading pencil skirts, trendy health food, and the 9 to 5, for sweatpants, copious amounts of sugar, and binging all 15 seasons of Supernatural. When she finally leaves her apartment, a concerned resident alerts local police about the disheveled stranger double-fisting ice cream cones on the sidewalk. The cop who arrives is the very attractive Austin Cooper, who finds the situation amusing more than anything else. After proclaiming herself a rule breaker, Bea demands that Austin arrest her for her petty crimes. Instead, Austin offers to help her accomplish some of the more legal items on her bucket list. While Bea’s happy to have a friendly face in town, she’s determined to keep things platonic, as Austin is a decade younger than she is—but their chemistry proves hard to resist. The abrupt third-act conflict seems to come out of nowhere for both characters, but there’s no denying their flirtatious connection. This is a treat. (Feb.)