cover image We Sold Our Souls

We Sold Our Souls

Grady Hendrix. Quirk, $24.99 (336p) ISBN 978-1-68369-012-2

Hendrix’s pulpy love letter to heavy metal music is a gloriously over-the-top scare fest that has hidden depths. Terry Hunt—aka the Blind King, the former frontman of the wildly successful Dürt Würk—ruined guitarist Kris Pulaski’s life 20 years ago. Now Terry’s on an apocalyptic farewell tour with his new band, Koffin. Kris, 47 and looking back at the shambles of her life, seeks the truth about the night Terry drew up contracts, striking a bargain with the devil that sold out Dürt Würk and doomed Kris to misery and obscurity while gaining fame and fortune for himself. She has to ward off murderous UPS men, hellish creatures, and much more on her way to the culmination of Koffin’s tour: Hellstock ’19 in the Nevada desert, where Terry will bring thousands of souls together for the devil to harvest. Undaunted, Kris unleashes her inner badass and her wicked guitar riffs to stop Terry and his evil cabal. Hendrix (Horrorstör) scatters plenty of barbed popular and consumer culture references throughout this harrowing tale of redemption in the face of powerful evil. Readers will root for Kris all the way to the explosive, poignant finale. Agent: Joshua Bilmes, JABerwocky Literary. (Sept.)