cover image Ladycastle


Delilah S. Dawson and Ashley A. Woods. Boom, $14.99 (116p) ISBN 978-1-68415-032-8

This lighthearted adventure by YA author Dawson (who writes fantasy under the pen name Lila Bowen), which has a clear and blunt message about gender equality, goes out of its way to keep its resolutions nonviolent. After King Mancastle and his manly band of knights fail to return from a mission, the women of the realm find themselves in charge. Led by the blacksmith’s wife, Merinor, who becomes king, and King Mancastle’s daughter, Princess Aeve, the denizens of the kingdom have little time to mourn, as they are soon guarding their home from werewolves, harpies, and other fantastical enemies. Artist Woods (Niobe: She Is Life) makes an ideal pairing with Dawson. Her crisp and expressive artwork enlivens the escapades in and around the kingdom. Perhaps due to its original format as monthly comics, the episodic nature of the plot can seem random, though it does contribute to the quick pacing. (Oct.)