cover image Getting Dizzy

Getting Dizzy

Shea Fontana, illus. by Celia Moscote. Boom! Box, $14.99 paper (144p) ISBN 978-1-6841-5838-6

Fifteen-year-old Latinx-cued Desideria “Dizzy” Olsen yearns for greatness in this joyful magical girl graphic novel by Fontana (Batman: Overdrive) and Moscote (Juliet Takes a Breath: The Graphic Novel). Even though ballet, soccer, trumpet, and street art don’t immediately prove to be her path toward public adulation, Dizzy is sure she’s destined for big things. When a mystical portal suddenly opens up in her neighborhood and she’s attacked by Negatrixes, shadow creatures that feed off negative energy, enigmatic Latinx-cued Chipper Diaz arrives with life-changing news: the portal chose Dizzy as the next Burb Defender. Decked out in rainbow-hued, magical roller skating gear, Dizzy fights the Negatrixes that threaten her small hometown. Chipper supports Dizzy as she comes into her powers, while searching for her friend, the previous Burb Defender, who mysteriously disappeared. With an art style that harkens back to its anime influences, Moscote pays homage to classics such as Sailor Moon as Dizzy defeats Negatrixes with luminescent, colorful power blasts and grapples with her own self-confidence. Fontana’s buoyant story turns the chosen one trope on its head by depicting a daring protagonist who wants nothing more than to be the hero of everyone’s story. The cast features characters of varying abilities, body types, and skin tones. Ages 13–up. (July)