cover image Clean Win: A Sam Quinton Mystery

Clean Win: A Sam Quinton Mystery

Kevin R. Doyle. Camel, $16.95 trade paper (222p) ISBN 978-1-6849-2077-8

In Doyle’s third entertaining case (after 2021’s Heel Turn) for former professional wrestler turned gym owner and PI Sam Quinton of Providence, Mo., Sam is surprised when Lt. William Santiago of the Providence PD shows up at his gym one day to discuss the murder of Laura Mosely, a hair stylist who was found strangled in her bedroom two months earlier. It seems that the DNA results have just been sent to Santiago, and the only definite match to someone who was in the room around the time of the woman’s death is that of Mayor Bob Marlow, who has recently announced his intention to run for governor. Laura had been Marlow’s occasional lover, so his DNA doesn’t conclusively point to his guilt. Santiago doesn’t want to haul the mayor in for questioning without supporting evidence, and he fears that if he hands the DNA results over to his investigating officers, the information about the mayor’s involvement will leak to the media. Quinton embarks on a discreet investigation, but he soon finds himself in murky waters as he comes to realize the full impact of the young woman’s death. Charming characters match the quick and easy reading plot. With any luck, Sam will be back soon. (Mar.)