cover image Little Bird Finds Christmas

Little Bird Finds Christmas

Marianne Richmond, illus. by Janet Samuel. Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, $10.99 (40p) ISBN 978-1-72825-445-6

Little Bird, an expressive scarlet songbird with a pink breast, looks forward to Christmas despite not knowing what it is in this nativity-focused picture book. Flitting from the Big Store to the Food Market to the Post Office, Little Bird regards the bustling, queuing human community, portrayed with varying abilities and skin tones, but concludes that the seasonal errands don’t constitute Christmas. In saturated hues and slick textures, Samuel’s digital illustrations mix scenes of a world in preparation—the birds alight, the smiling humans, and a squirrel family decorating for the holidays. When Little Bird and her mother fly to a snow-covered chapel, Richmond’s text turns to revelation, defining Christmas as “the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who is the son of God,” as well as an observance found “in all the grateful, giving hearts.” Little Bird’s curiosity makes her an engaging protagonist in a message-forward book about a busy holiday brought close to the nest. Ages 4–6. (Oct.)