cover image The Dawn and the Light

The Dawn and the Light

Piper CJ. Bloom, $18.99 trade paper (576p) ISBN 978-1-72827-079-1

With this gripping grand finale, bestseller CJ steers her The Night and Its Moon romantic fantasy series to a powerful conclusion (after The Gloom Between Stars). Nox, queen of both Farehold and Raascot, and her love, Amaris, long to be together. However, they and their compatriots in battle­—Gadriel, Ash, Tanith, and Yazlyn, among others—are a little preoccupied with trying to stay alive and unite a fractured culture as war erupts between humans, fae, and monsters. Alliances are tested and the warriors wonder whom to trust—even while frequently dissembling themselves. CJ’s plot takes some dizzying twists and turns, inflicting seemingly fatal injuries on each of the key players as the story progresses and providing some unexpected resurrections and demises throughout. Multiple romantic pairings—new and established, straight and queer—get their time in the spotlight, but the sense of imminent danger never abates. Series fans will not be disappointed. (Jan.)