cover image King of Greed

King of Greed

Ana Huang. Bloom, $17.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-72828-974-8

Huang’s third King of Sins contemporary (after King of Pride) proves a bit of a slog, despite its glitzy New York City and Brazilian coastal settings. After floral artist Alessandra Davenport’s husband—billionaire “King of Wall Street” Dominic—misses one too many dinners during their 10-year marriage, she decides she wants a divorce. Only after Alessandra leaves him does Dominic realize how much he took her for granted. Now he’s out to win her back. Alternating between flashbacks to when Alessandra first met Dominic as his peer tutor in college and the moments when, post-separation, they run into each other at society events, their physical chemistry is evident even if their emotional connection seems lacking. Dominic is forceful in his wooing—so much so that it will put off some readers, as when he follows Alessandra on vacation and scares away potential suitors. Alessandra, however, isn’t bothered, hoping his behavior may signal real feelings. Huang weaves in subplots involving Dominic’s shady brother and Alessandra starting a bricks-and-mortar business, but neither add enough excitement to save the lackluster central couple. Readers will have a hard time understanding what these two see in each other. Agent: Kimberly Brower, Brower Literary. (Oct.)