cover image Girl Abroad

Girl Abroad

Elle Kennedy. Bloom, $16.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-1-72829-979-2

Bestseller Kennedy (The Graham Effect) delivers an angsty and addictive new adult romance. Abby Bly, 19, the only child of formerly hard-partying rock star Gunner Bly, grew up “hearing the stories of his many exploits but having no stories or exploits of my own, coddled and sheltered in the hermetic seal of his guilt and regrets.” So she leaps at the opportunity to spend her sophomore year of college at Pembridge University London, finding a flatshare online with three female roommates. But when Abby arrives on their doorstep, she realizes Lee, Jack and Jamie are men. Despite the momentary shock, Abbey soon seamlessly fits into the household, falling for her rugby-playing roommate Jack, a hunky Australian—and also for Nate, a musician who’s part of their friend group. (“My erratic pulse is now confused as to which guy it’s pounding for.”) After Abbey buys an enigmatic painting at an estate sale, she’s caught up in the mystery behind it—even attending a royal ball with Lord Benjamin Tulley, one of the original owner’s heirs. Kennedy skillfully keeps readers guessing which suitor Abby’ll end up with and the mystery painting provides some welcome additional intrigue. The London setting, charming heroine, and well-drawn love quadrangle make this a treat. Agent: Kimberly Brower, Brower Literary. (Feb.)