cover image More Space. More Time. More Joy!: Organizing Your Best Life

More Space. More Time. More Joy!: Organizing Your Best Life

Lisa Dooley. SDP Publishing, $16.95 trade paper (310p) ISBN 978-1-732-79338-5

Organization teacher Dooley aims to help readers better organize their homes in this helpful debut. She starts with defining which spaces need to be focused on (for example, entryways and home offices) and what type of organization systems and products to use, though she stresses there is no single “right way.” In the second section she dives into hands-on practices: untangling electronic cables, sorting through the hundreds of emails clogging one’s inbox, and making the most of social media without overdoing it. The final section, “More Joy,” is the highlight, where Dooley tackles personal organizational challenges: photographs, memorabilia, and, of course, one’s closet. Dooley readily admits that her own office is cluttered at times—and that a trip to the Container Store probably won’t solve everyone’s problems—but asking questions such as “is it necessary?” or “do I love it?” can help. Dooley is unapologetic as she encourages readers to take control of their lives and their space sooner rather than later. Dooley’s firm take on tidying should resonate with readers who worship at the shrine of Marie Kondo. (Self-published.)