cover image Water to Bind: A Jackson Flint Mystery, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Water to Bind: A Jackson Flint Mystery, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Scott Geisel. Fox & Possum, $12.99 trade paper (248p) ISBN 978-1-73501-832-4

An original plot with fully fleshed-out personalities lifts Geisel’s second mystery featuring Yellow Springs, Ohio, PI Jackson Flint (after 2020’s Fair Game). Angelita Roja Flores, a new client, consults the gumshoe because she believes someone has been squatting in the house she recently inherited. Alarmed enough by evidence that a stranger was in her home and messing with her stuff to move out, Angelita approached local law enforcement, but they offered little help. Flint takes on her problem with the assistance of two friends with different skill sets: J’leah Dawkins, a tech wizard and surveillance expert; and Darnell “Brick” Brickman, who provides muscle when needed. The suspected intruder may be linked to stories that Angelita heard about her estranged father, who’s been in prison since her childhood, including that her father had hidden something valuable that would make his entire family wealthy. Geisel never strains credulity, and his lead can easily sustain a long series. Peter Colt fans will be pleased. (Self-published)