cover image Landscapes of the Solar System

Landscapes of the Solar System

Aina Bestard, trans. from the Spanish by Matthew Clarke. Tra, $24.99 (60p) ISBN 978-1-73531-153-1

In a stylized, fact-filled overview, Bestard profiles planets, major moons, and dwarf planets, among other entities that make up Earth’s solar system. Emphasizing the vastness of outer space, pages welcome readers to reflect on Earth’s placement in the cosmos and the universe’s beginnings. Chapters next feature major celestial bodies via infographic-style statistics alongside brief expository passages that offer astonishing comparisons: Venus’s “days are longer than its years.” Inspired by prints that helped popularize astronomy in the 19th century, scientific renderings are framed with lines, dots, and delicate hatching. Foldouts and translucent overlays further invite would-be astronomers to dwell on what is known—and unknown—about the universe. Ages 8–12. (Mar.)