cover image The Padre

The Padre

Alex Davidson. Alex Davidson, $4.99 e-book (292p) ISBN 978-1-7365196-3-9

Davidson’s rapid-fire sequel to 2021’s Black Rifle finds Caleb Caine, whose mind was rewired by the U.S. government “so that his brain rewarded violence the way a junkie’s brain rewarded heroin,” living in a Mexico City barrio, where he has resolved to break his addiction to killing people after years working as a hit man for special ops and later for the private sector. The locals know him as the Padre, and he spends his days fixing up an old church. Caine knows that Pat Roti, his former boss, “who handled the blackest black ops for the highest bidder,” won’t let him just walk away from his past. Despite the risk, Caine puts himself and his ally, ATF Special Agent Miranda Lopez, in danger after a friend from his new community is kidnapped and transported to L.A., a crime Roti may be involved in. Davidson never sacrifices plausible characterizations for plot. His complex lead is well-suited to have a long literary life. (Self-published)