cover image Lights, Camera...Travel!: On the Road Tales from Screen Storytellers

Lights, Camera...Travel!: On the Road Tales from Screen Storytellers

Edited by Andrew Mccarthy And Don George. Lonely Planet, $15.99 trade paper (262p) ISBN 9781742204932

Editors McCarthy and George compiled 33 stories about traveling from people in the entertainment industry, including actors, directors, producers, writers, and cinematographers. Some highlight their work experiences, such as Nick Ray's %E2%80%9CBehind the Scenes: Filming Tomb Raider at Angkor Wat%E2%80%9D where he recalls the beauty and the difficulties of shooting the film in Cambodia. Actress Brooke Shields writes about her trip building igloos in the Arctic for a travel piece in Marie Claire. The most evocative pieces, however, are about family vacations. In %E2%80%9CIndia: A Family Portrait,%E2%80%9D actress Stephanie March gives a charming account of a slightly dysfunctional vacation with her sister and mother. Actor Anthony Edwards tells of his beautiful and enriching trip around the world in a private plane with his wife and four children, visiting 30 countries in 310 days. In %E2%80%9CIslands in the Storm,%E2%80%9D writer and actor Dan Bucatinsky remembers visiting his partner's family farm in Dublin and watching the attacks on the World Trade Center in a restaurant where he %E2%80%9Cwanted to drop everything and run the way one does when someone they love is in trouble.%E2%80%9D Alec Baldwin kicks off the collection with his adorable account of how a lifelong New Yorker begrudgingly learned to love Los Angeles. (Oct.)