cover image The Optimistic Environmentalist

The Optimistic Environmentalist

David R. Boyd. ECW (Legato Publishers Group, U.S. dist.; Jaguar Book Group, Cana

While many environmentalists wring their hands in despair, Boyd (The Right to a Healthy Environment), an environmental lawyer, remains optimistic. A lot has changed for the better in recent decades, he writes, including an explosion of affordable, renewable energy sources and the resurgence of endangered species such as the bald eagle and black-footed ferret. Boyd provides examples of companies, cities, and entire countries working to make the world a better place for coming generations. This isn't about teenagers cleaning up a beach; it's about massive industrial changes at the cost of billions of dollars, toughened government regulations, and impressive technological advances. Boyd describes change on a sweeping scale that filters down to touch individual lives. Far from intimidating, his vision is electrifying and inspiring. Boyd's book is a reminder that "saving the world" isn't an obscure ideal or a nefarious liberal agenda. It's necessary, practical, and possible. And he adds that anyone can get in on the action by buying a stylish, recyclable office chair, installing a rooftop solar panel, or eating organic soy. This solidly researched and informative book is also a pleasure to read, especially in a world where bad news often drowns out the good. (Aug.)