cover image Evolution: The Whole Story

Evolution: The Whole Story

Edited by Steve Parker. Firefly, $39.95 (576p) ISBN 978-1-77085-481-9

This book is a gorgeously illustrated and utterly fascinating history of the planet Earth and the millions of life forms that have called it home. Parker (The Human Body Book), a prolific science writer, synthesizes the most up-to-date knowledge of evolutionary science for educated general readers in this accessible, chronological guide. Evolution encompasses "the changes undergone by living things through time," and it is therefore the story of our world. Parker divides the book into seven chapters that cover eons, during which life very gradually evolved from primordial microbes into invertebrate creatures, plants, fish and amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Every single page contains full-colour images of fossils and living animals, as well as superb artistic renderings of long-extinct creatures great and small. Parker provides vital information on each species—sea floor–crawling trilobites, flesh-tearing terrestrial dinosaurs, ape-like early human ancestors, and more—including scientific names, life cycles, habitats, taxonomic groups, and fossil records. Modestly priced for such a richly detailed hardcover, this book is the essential story of life on earth, and it belongs on the shelf of everyone who is interested in that story. Illus. (Oct.)