cover image The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club

Shane Goth, illus. by Yong Ling Kang. Owlkids, $18.95 (40p) ISBN 978-1-77147-394-1

Working in pencil and watercolor, Kang (Tanna’s Owl) bathes the interior spreads of this midnight story in blue, the better to convey the excitement of two light-skinned, black-haired siblings who explore their house in the night. “At exactly midnight,” younger sister Milly wakes Becca for their date, and they flash the secret sign of the Midnight Club: two fingers on one hand, one finger on the other. Debut author Goth pays attention to sounds and sensations as the girls slip from their room and past their parents’: “Milly’s heart went ba-dum thump. Becca slinked. Milly stepped.” Kang draws the downstairs room with a splash of yellow spilling in through the front windows. Midnight Club rules say that members can do whatever they want: Becca sits in Dad’s special chair; she and Milly share his jellybeans. They’re not scared by a scratching at the back door—“It’s the President of the Midnight Club,” Becca says, as they let in their cat, Oliver. This quiet, experimental act of rebellion ends triumphantly as the two execute their scheme without getting caught, and their adventure carries a satisfying whiff of the carefree as they take measures to keep their actions a thrilling sibling secret. Ages 3–7. (Oct.)