cover image Lava Red and Feather Blue

Lava Red and Feather Blue

Molly Ringle. Central Avenue, $15.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-77168-198-8

Ringle (The Goblins of Bellwater) begins her delightful urban fantasy in 1799, as the cruel faery Ula Kana lays waste to Eidolonia, leading to civil war between the humans and the fae. To end the war, witch Rosamund Highvalley connects Ula Kana’s fate to that of human Prince Larkin and magicks them both into a deep sleep—which lasts until 2020, when Merrick Highvalley, a half-fae, half-human perfumer, accidentally breaks the spell. Over the past two centuries, Eidolonia has maintained peace by relegating humans to the coast and out of fae lands. But with Ula Kana also awake, this peace won’t last. Larkin turns himself in to the human government, hoping he can help to stop Ula Kana. But when the government attempts to force Larkin back into slumber, Merrick stages a daring rescue. As war breaks out across Eidolonia, Merrick and Larkin seek cooperation from the fae rulers to stop Ula Kana—and their dangerous mission sparks a passionate romance. Though the story becomes a bit muddled toward the end, Ringle’s clever worldbuilding, well-rounded characters, and tight action sequences are sure to impress. With this engrossing urban fantasy, Ringle delivers a queer fairy tale as electrifying as it is tender. Agent: Linda Migalti, Susan Schulman Literary. (Jan.)