cover image String City

String City

Graham Edwards. Solaris, $11.99 trade paper (320p) ISBN 978-1-78108-567-7

An unnamed detective battles titans, gods, and the impending end of the universe in Edwards’s complicated interdimensional mystery. The detective, a “stringwalker” who can move between realities, is hired to investigate an explosion at the Titan’s casino. He soon learns that the event is tied to a complex plot involving the very essence of the universe and a mysterious member of the Runefolk who has found himself trapped outside of existence. While unraveling the mystery, the detective confronts Arachne the Spider Queen, a god who manipulates the weather, and a sewer that has become sentient. Aiding him are Zephyr, a young girl trying to escape her own demons, and Scrutator, a mechanical entity created by the Thanes. Armed with an array of otherworldly devices, the three battle against the very fabric of existence to save all. Readers may struggle with the initial worldbuilding, which involves string theory as well as world mythology, but Edwards rewards patience with a savory blend of hard-boiled mystery, the fantastic, and the futuristic. (Jan.)