cover image The Dragon’s Legacy

The Dragon’s Legacy

Deborah A. Wolf. Titan, $24.99 (320p) ISBN 978-1-78565-107-6

Wolf’s epic fantasy debut, the first of a trilogy, is a well-crafted, intricate blend of the politics and magic of multiple cultures. Hafsa Azeina, dreamshifter of the Zeerani desert tribes, can kill her foes as they sleep. She has spent years protecting her daughter, Sulema, from the assassins hunting them, and Sulema has had the chance to come of age as a Zeerani warrior. But Sulema’s father, who may have sent the assassins, has found them. He is the dragon king of the nearby country of Atualon, and his magic prevents the dragon that sleeps under the world from waking and cracking the planet like an egg. Sulema and Hafsa must navigate shifting alliances, ongoing assassination attempts, and manipulation by both friend and foe to try to settle the balance of power and succession—even when it looks as though the dragon may wake. Wolf’s opulent visual imagination and sly humor thoroughly overcome a slow start and some other pacing issues. (Apr.)