cover image Netherspace


Andrew Lane and Nigel Foster. Titan, $14.95 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-1-78565-184-7

In this near-future thriller, humans have made contact and opened trade with aliens but are unable to properly communicate with them or fathom their way of thinking. A clumsy system of barter has opened up mysterious new technologies and space travel, as well as the widespread use of artificial intelligence and emergent psychic abilities, but it’s also reduced Earth to a loose confederation of city-states. When aliens kidnap a ship full of human religious fanatics, Earth’s Galactic Division assembles a small team—an artist, an assassin, and a precognitive—to negotiate for their return. But attempting to comprehend alien motivation is a near-impossible task. As the three specialists brave the dangers of netherspace travel, deal with traitors in their own crew, and journey to a mysterious new world, they begin to unravel the secret that’s drawn numerous alien species to Earth for centuries. Lane (Night Break) and Foster deliver a tense, provocative story, which puts a truly original spin on the idea of intergalactic interaction. It’s plausible, unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining as it sets the stage for future installments and even more questions. (May)