cover image Occupy Me

Occupy Me

Tricia Sullivan. Titan, $14.95 trade paper (288p) ISBN 978-1-78565-798-6

Sullivan (Dreaming in Smoke) takes readers on a psychedelic journey through an unknown higher dimension. Pearl’s first memory of Earth is waking up in a junkyard in present-day New York, somehow aware that she’s from a higher dimension, she’s not human, and she looks like what humans call an angel. She also knows she must find a man who stole something important from her that he keeps in a briefcase. When it’s opened, other dimensions are accessed, and other creatures can escape. Until she can find him, she works for a mysterious organization called the Resistance, posing as a flight attendant and using her powers to create small acts of kindness by calming human minds. When she encounters the man and briefcase on a flight, their interaction results in a hole being ripped in the plane. The Resistance fires her, and she’s left to find the briefcase again on her own. Readers looking for a straightforward story will not find it here; however, those looking to stretch their imaginations will appreciate Sullivan’s eclectic and unorthodox tale. (Sept.)