cover image Night Train

Night Train

David Quantick. Titan, $14.95 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-1-78565-859-4

Quantick (All My Colors) sets this harrowing sci-fi tale aboard a bizarre train with unexpected horrors waiting in each car. Garland wakes up alone in the dark with no memory of who or where she is. She escapes the dark room in which she finds herself, only to discover that she’s on a train and the next car is full of dead bodies. Continuing from car to car in search of answers, she meets Banks, who is equally confused about how he came aboard but does remember who he is. Together they move forward through the train—crossing through deserted cars and lavishly decorated ones, booby-trapped cars and ones full of gory remains—until they meet the exceptionally strong Poppy, who joins them in their trek to the front of the train. Quantick throws readers into this off-kilter world just as blindly as his characters, creating a sense of disconcerting dread. As the puzzle pieces slowly come together, the characters and reader alike realize that something horrible has happened to the world. This imaginative horror novel is a page-turner. (June)