cover image When We Walked on the Moon

When We Walked on the Moon

David Long, illus. by Sam Kalda. Wide Eyed Editions, $12.99 (80p) ISBN 978-1-78603-092-4

Long writes a cogent history of the moon missions in chapters that offer technical context and describe significant moments for the Apollo astronauts, including Armstrong’s moon walk and the harrowing circumstances aboard Apollo 13. The story concludes with the safe return of Apollo 17 and a glimpse at future space travel: “if Apollo showed us anything, it is that with a combination of courage, determination, and ingenuity we can and will go far.” Kalda’s crisp, midcentury aesthetic depicts the Apollo spacecraft and the astronauts. Back matter includes group portraits of Apollo astronauts and short biographies. Readers will gain a sense of how each mission built upon the previous one, and how future journeys will be achieved one step at a time. Ages 8–10. [em](June) [/em]