cover image Holes in the Veil

Holes in the Veil

Beth Overmyer. Flame Tree, $24.95 (256p) ISBN 978-1-78758-583-6

Overmyer ramps up the action in this suspenseful sequel to The Goblets Immortal. After exacting his revenge on Lord Dewhurst, Aidan Ingledark the Summoner escapes with his companion, Slain, and resumes his search for the Questing Goblet in hopes that drinking from it will grant him magic strong enough to defeat the dangerous mage queen Meraude. Meanwhile, Meraude sends her children, twin sisters Jinn and Quick, to intercept Aidan—though unbeknownst to their mother, they aim to recruit Aidan’s help in bringing about Meraude’s demise. The four must find their way to the tomb of Cedric the Elder, where the Questing Goblet is said to be buried, but a mysterious shape-shifter is hard on their heels. Overmyer smoothly braids the narratives of the two pairs, building a slow-burning mystery as they trek through the woods. There are no real surprises along the way, but the magic system is innovative as ever and the dramatic chase scenes drive the plot forward. Series devotees will find plenty to hold their attention.[em] (Feb.) [/em]