cover image Hooked


A.C. Wise. Titan, $15.95 trade paper (336p) ISBN 978-1-78909-683-5

Wise continues to explore the dark underbelly of Neverland and the lasting trauma it’s caused to those who were caught in its spell in this satisfying contemporary fantasy. Eight years after the events of Wendy, Darling, Wendy’s daughter Jane’s roommate is murdered, throwing the women back into the paths of some familiar characters. James, the man once known as Captain Hook, lives in London, having escaped Neverland 22 years ago with Samuel, his former ship’s surgeon, in tow—but he still can’t shake the hold that world has on him. When someone close to James is murdered as well, he, Wendy, and Jane realize that someone—or something—from Neverland is hunting them. It follows the trio to Wendy’s home, putting her brother, Michael, and husband, Ned, similarly in danger. Now they must find a way to return the beast to the shattered remains of Neverland before anyone else dies. The dark, shadowy magic of Neverland is as appealing as ever, and Wise uses this intelligent sequel to probe the effects of loss and explore what it takes for old wounds to heal. Fans of creepy updated fairy tales and readers hooked by book one should snap this up. (July)