cover image Snoop Presents Goon with the Spoon

Snoop Presents Goon with the Spoon

Snoop Dogg and Earl “E-40” Stevens. Chronicle, $24.95 (192p) ISBN 978-1-79721-371-2

Snoop Dogg (From Crook to Cook) returns with another flavor-packed recipe collection, this time written in collaboration with fellow Californian rapper and debut author Stevens, co-owner of Oakland’s Lumpia Company restaurant. The duo showcase recipes inspired by the melting pot of cultures found in the Golden State, including air-fryer honey walnut shrimp, bacon cheeseburger lumpia (or Filipino fried spring rolls), and leche flan. They also share a handful of options ideal for feeding a crowd, such as burgers and “doggs,” cajun-spiced potato chips, and smothered “chippin’ and dippin’ ” fried chicken. Drinks, including guava mimosas and very boozy Beach City iced tea, and desserts, which range from Snickers pocket pastries to grilled peaches and cream, are equally enticing. Lively anecdotes give readers a peak into the artists’ personal lives (“Cali culture has given the world a lot. West Coast rap, Hollywood, and—yeah, we’re damn proud of it—wake-and-bake living. I love few things more than starting the day in a relaxed state of mind, enjoying that green the earth gave us,” Dogg writes in his intro to the “wake-and-bake meat omelet”). While some of the recipes have a long cooking time (including’s Uncle Reo’s ribs with BBQ sauce), the steps are always simple to follow. Fans and newcomers alike will want to get cooking. (Nov.)