cover image Changing World: Cold Data for a Warming Planet

Changing World: Cold Data for a Warming Planet

David Gibson. Cicada, $19.99 (108p) ISBN 978-1-80066-028-1

Through boldly designed climate change infographics, Gibson supplies a comprehensive presentation of a planet on the brink. Statistics-filled pages overview climate science basics and visualize what global warming means for oceans, rainforests, and more. Coverage also includes deforestation, energy, extreme weather, plastic pollution, recycling, and transport. The most effective spreads encourage interactivity: asking “What’s the cost of your favourite fast food?” Gibson urges consumer reflection, calculating a menu’s carbon emissions on a scale of “good” to “really bad.” Another visual encourages readers to reflect on the impact of the many choices that lay behind eating a single piece of fruit (“What’s it packaged in?” “Is it organic?”). The inclusion of British terminology (“petrol car”) and references (“20 million slices of bread are thrown away each day in the UK”) centers the U.K., a distinction further reinforced by the use of the metric system, though the book at large presents a broader global message around the need for change that remains universally loud and clear. Ages 11–up. (Apr.)