cover image Hel’s Eight

Hel’s Eight

Stark Holborn. Titan, $16.95 trade paper (336p) ISBN 978-1-80336-229-8

Holborn’s thrilling sequel to Ten Low is another romp into a Mad Max–like world in outer space. Series heroine Low is now a reclusive medic on the moon Factus, avoiding prolonged human contact to keep everyone safe from the curse she carries. By all accounts, she should be dead, but her curse enables her to connect to the Ifs, which allow her to see infinite possibilities of the future during games of chance. When Low sees a vision of one possible future in which her former friends die, she chooses to return to her old life, reuniting with old allies in hopes of stopping a brewing war. They’ll have to go up against tycoon Lutho Xoon, a ruthless businessman intent on “buying up Factus one settlement at a time.” Holborn’s vision of the future is as stark and gritty as ever, leavened with flickers of hope and resilient friendships. Series fans and new readers alike will eat this up. Agent: Anne C. Perry, Ki Agency. (Mar.)