cover image ALIEN LEGION: On the Edge


Chuck Dixon, . . Titan Books, $16.95 (144pp) ISBN 978-1-84023-765-8

This graphic novel's title refers to an eclectic band of space beings from throughout the galaxy who have banded together as Force Nomad to complete all tasks assigned them by the Galarchy. These warriors aren't typical do-gooders, though; most of the Force Nomad were the worst their region had to offer. Although loyal to each other (for the most part), Force Nomad isn't regarded as anything other than fodder by their superiors. The Galarchy would be thrilled if each new mission resulted in the destruction of the Force Nomad, but the misfits keep bucking the systems and beating the odds. However, now the group's in a tight spot, trapped in a black hole with a cannibalistic race looking at them and their ship as a smorgasbord. This just might be one time the Alien Legion's sunk. What's so compelling about this group of characters is that they are aliens you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley or come up against in a drunken brawl. Some have goodness in them, but it's the ones with the edge, the unpredictable players, that really make this story click. Stroman's art is electric; his use of various perspectives and angles results in some strong storytelling. Although some pages feature six or more panels, nothing about the art looks cramped or rushed; it's clear the artist took just as much care with the images as the writer took with the words. (Mar.)