cover image The Age of Ra

The Age of Ra

James Lovegrove, . . Solaris, $7.99 (448pp) ISBN 978-1-84416-747-0

Ancient Egyptian gods have defeated other gods (including Jehovah, Allah, Odin and Zeus), and now specific dieties control various earthly power blocs in Lovegrove’s thought-provoking futuristic adventure. The gods gain strength from their followers’ worship, so each nation lives according to its god’s demands, up to and including warring with other countries. When British Lt. David Westwynter leads his paratroopers into a desert reconnaissance mission, arming them with god-powered light weapons, medieval flails and ancient maces, they encounter mummies and annihilating duel-cell fusion bombs. In Freegypt, the only country not controlled by religion and a specific deity, David meets the enigmatic masked Lightbringer, who challenges the gods for control of the earth. Lovegrove (Provender Gleed ) deftly weaves social commentary on religion, family, love and war into the contest between theocracy and humanism. (Aug.)