cover image God in Between

God in Between

Sandy Eisenberg Sasso. Jewish Lights Publishing, $16.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-1-879045-86-6

Explaining the presence of God to children is often a monumental task, and Sasso's (God's Paintbrush) puzzling picture book isn't likely to clarify the concept. The setting is a strange town where windowless houses are scattered among tangled weeds, rocks and shrubbery The citizens become frustrated with their lot, with no view from their homes and no roads on which to explore their surroundings. One townswoman suggests that they seek God, a being rumored to be the solver of all problems. The community decides that a man and a woman who live just outside town, each in a house with a window, should lead the search. The Ones Who Could See Out Windows scour the countryside to no avail and eventually reunite, realizing that ""God is wherever we are God is in the between. In between us."" Young readers will likely be confused by Sasso's vague explanation and will find it very difficult to believe that the crew of contemporary-looking adults here could not organize an effort to build roads or windows. Sweetland's creamy, impressionistic paintings match the solemn mood of the text. Ages 5-10. (June)