cover image Say Hola Otra Vez

Say Hola Otra Vez

Susan Middleton Elya. Lee & Low Books, $16.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-1-880000-59-5

This second volume by the creators of Say Hola to Spanish introduces 70 rather haphazard vocabulary words strung together by sing-song rhymes and acted out by a menagerie of comically dressed critters. The teaching technique, largely dictated by what completes the rhyme, combines forthright word identification along with those learned in context by examining picture clues. For example, accompanying an illustration of a marching band and a scissors-wielding mouse are the words: ""Musicians are musicos. Flags are banderas. Please don't run when using tijeras."" Many definitions are clear from the graphic interpretations, but others may require reference to the glossary at book's end. The playful design scatters the text throughout Lopez's gouache and colored-pencil two-page spreads; the most effective scenes group the words thematically, such as one of a train, plane, bus and truck approaching a village. Lopez provides images bound to aid early elementary students' retention and recall of these Spanish words. Ages 4-10. (Oct.)