cover image Run with the Wind

Run with the Wind

Carolyn Pitcher. Little Tiger Press, $14.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-888444-29-2

This tender tale from a British team speaks meaningfully to the little and big separations that children and parents encounter. Out in the field on a summer night, a foal fears the vast darkness: ""I can't see you out here when you move away from me."" His mother comforts him by likening her closeness to the wind's presence, which, while unseen, is felt. A bit later, he's dismayed when his mother explains that soon she will be giving people rides all day, and is disbelieving when she predicts that eventually an entire day will pass without his even thinking of her. But when she is off working, he spends the morning running and playing with the wind, forgetting his mother until she returns. Reflecting the natural course of weaning and independence, Pitcher's narrative implies, on a deeper level, an ever-present affection that can soothe and support a prolonged separation. Chapman's (Dora's Eggs) powder-soft illustrations exude a serenity--even amid thick darkness--that will settle little ones' apprehensions. Together, narrative and illustrations give a compassionate nudge to reluctant small colts and fillies. Ages 3-7. (June)