cover image Starring Me and You

Starring Me and You

Geneviève Côté. Kids Can, $16.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-894786-39-3

Best friends Piggy and Bunny, previously seen in Me and You and Without You, attempt to put on a play in their third outing, but their differing personalities and interests threaten to derail the production. Initially, Bunny hides behind their clothesline curtain, claiming to be shy. “So? I’M shy, too!” bellows Piggy, as a tiny frog looks on dubiously. The conversation moves onto the different ways each friend expresses fear and eagerness, and a fight about the subject of the play (pirates vs. singing flowers) is sweetly resolved with apologies and compromise. Côté’s crayony lines and watercolor washes telegraph her heroes’ seesawing emotions with clarity and humor. Ages 2–up. (Mar.)