cover image Meeow and the Little Chairs

Meeow and the Little Chairs

Sebastien Braun, Author . Boxer $12.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-906250

In this straightforward story that touches on colors, cooperation and imagination, Braun (I Love My Mommy ) introduces Meeow, a black cat with wide eyes and a red scarf, and his friends: Baa, Woof, Quack and Moo (like Meeow, the animals are named for the sounds they make). Simple, declarative sentences and gentle inquiries (“Meeow looks in his yellow bag. What have you found, Meeow?”) add to a cheerful mood. The animals, which resemble pliable plastic toys with their chunky shapes and friendly expressions, place different colored chairs in a row and gather other items (a bell, a whistle) in the midst of their creative play. Once everything is in place, the animals’ goal is revealed: “Ding-ding! Choo-choo! Meeow has made his very own train.” In the final scene, the train becomes real, releasing a plume of white smoke as the friends ride across a blue background. Readers should be tickled by the guessing-game aspect of the story, and Braun offers ample opportunities for the discussion of colors, shapes, animals and objects. Also available: Meeow and the Big Box . Ages 2–4. (Sept.)