cover image Little Wolf's Song

Little Wolf's Song

Britta Teckentrup, Boxer (Sterling, dist.), $16.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-907152-33-7

According to his sister and brothers, Little Wolf's howl is no great shakes—"all he could manage was a little squeak." Saddened by his siblings' taunts that "[a] wolf who can't howl isn't a real wolf at all," Little Wolf tries to follow his parents' guidance and "give it time." He wanders off on his own to play, admiring the birds' songs, chasing snowflakes, and delighting in the taste of fresh snow. But when Little Wolf becomes lost, far from home beneath a magical yellow moon, he discovers that "the time is right," and his loud howl brings his father to his side. Using a mix of bold colors and textures on a large scale, Teckentrup (Grumpy Cat) crafts Little Wolf's mountain home out of digital collages and speckled papers, making it feel as comforting as Little Wolf's parents' consistently supportive words of advice. An eloquent reminder for late bloomers that, with patience and perseverance, a slow start may turn into "the most beautiful song you have ever heard." Ages 3–6. (Sept.)