cover image Victory Point

Victory Point

Owen D. Pomery. Avery Hill, $18.95 (80p) ISBN 978-1-910395-52-3

Pomeroy (British Ice) crafts a thoughtful narrative about coping with life’s transition points that also acts as a visual celebration of architectural design and urban planning. Ellen, a bookseller, returns home to Victory Point to spend time with her father. The quiet, picturesque coastal town is an architectural marvel selected in 1933 to be built by M.L. Schreiber to foster and represent inclusion and “a modern way to live.” As Ellen revisits the places and people of her formative years and spends time with her dad, she begins to see the changes in her life and feels a “calm detachment from everything.” Ultimately, her wandering through the community and grappling with purpose brings her to the decision to pursue her dream of owning her own bookstore. Pomery’s precise artistic design mimics putting life in perspective, as the viewpoint pulls back to show figures from above or far away. Full-page renderings of white houses, clear skies, and blue beaches convey a sense of peace and open space that contrast with Elle’s indecisive inner turmoil. This impressive yet unpretentious comic boasts both a cool look and sincere heart. [em](Oct.) [/em]