cover image Ivory’s Story

Ivory’s Story

Eugen Bacon. NewCon, $12.99 trade paper (152p) ISBN 978-1-912950-77-5

Bacon (The Road to Woop Woop) masterfully blends myth, heritage, and self-discovery in this impressive, genre-defying work of speculative fiction. African Australian detective Ivory Tembo searches for the culprit of a horrifying series of murders in Sydney. A former foster child, Ivory is buoyed by her relationship with her lover, Bahati, and protected by a mysterious amulet she’s had since she was a child that burns the hands of anyone who tries to hurt her. In order to prevent more slaughter and protect her lover’s life, Ivory must break a curse, and discovers along the way that some legends are all-too-real. Writing with sharp, insightful prose, Bacon delivers a taut thriller that dives deep into its distinctive protagonist’s internal life and family history. Seasoned speculative fiction readers will be wowed by Bacon’s careful, layered worldbuilding, well-developed characters, and otherworldly atmosphere. This deserves a wide audience. (Dec.)