cover image The Magical Snowflake

The Magical Snowflake

Bernette Ford and Erin K. Robinson. Boxer, $18.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-914912-22-1

Ford and Robinson’s titular snowflake leads a community on a merry march in this hypnotic tribute to a season’s first snowfall. “It was the middle of winter but there was no snow!” declares text alongside an early scene of children of various skin tones bundled up and frolicking atop frozen grass. When Ori, portrayed with brown skin, wishes for snow, a single “special snowflake” immediately lands atop her nose, seeming to whisper, “Follow me.” Beckoning to her peers, the child pursues the flake as a storm descends. Gradually, adults join the kids as the lot make their way to town to sing a variation on a classic: “We wish you a merry winter.” When the enchanted flake finally lands upon a string of lights across Main Street, it ushers in winter “at last.” Spongy effects from Robinson capture the fuzziness of flurries coating the town, while iridescent hues conjure the bliss of an eagerly awaited winter storm. Ages 3–6. (Oct.)