cover image Noods: 80 Slurpable Noodle Recipes from Asia

Noods: 80 Slurpable Noodle Recipes from Asia

Smith Street. Smith Street, $19.95 (128p) ISBN 978-1-922754-22-6

This no-nonsense outing provides straightforward recipes for noodle dishes from all over Asia, broken down by preparation style. A chapter of stir-fried options includes fiery dan dan noodles, Cantonese chow fun with broad rice noodles, Japanese yakisoba, and thick yellow Shanghai noodles with stir-fried pork loin and cabbage. The soup chapter counts six recipes for ramen alongside a Vietnamese pho packed with punchy flavors and a Malaysian laksa. Chilled choices include a citrusy somen in cold broth and Korean buckwheat noodle soup. The final chapter cleverly gussies up instant noodles for dishes that come together quickly with basic ingredients. These include Hong Kong–style noodles with beef—a popular breakfast item—and “comfort food” cheesy ramen. Recipes have snappy, informative headers (a Korean stew with sliced Spam dates to the end of the Korean War, when U.S. Army surplus supplies “collided with Korean kitchens”), and the occasional notes provide suggestions about where to acquire certain types of noodles. There’s no filler here, though—just classic recipes explicated with clear instructions. The lack of a glossary may make this a challenge for beginners, but anyone with basic cooking skills will be eager to dig in. (Apr.)