cover image HOBART


Anita Briggs, , read by the author and a full cast. . Full Cast Audio, $8.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-932076-30-1

Much like E.B. White's Wilbur, who was "some pig," Briggs's Hobart proves a memorable porcine character and supportive barnyard pal. With dreams of becoming a famous tap dancer, Hobart has a tough road to travel. But before he can ever try his clickety-clackety moves on stage, Hobart and his siblings, who have equally creative bents (a poet, acrobat and a singer), must find a way to avoid becoming bacon. Of course, when such a talented family is backed into a corner, they find a way to pool their strengths and save the day. Their down-on-the-farm musical featuring The Performing Pigs (actually a chorus of kids) makes for a fine finale. After a tentative, slightly rushed beginning, Briggs soon hits her stride as narrator, assuming a comfortable rhythm for her pie-in-the-sky story. She is gamely supported by a roster of young performers whose natural-sounding enthusiasm adds color and warmth to the tale. Ages 5-8. (Dec. 2003)