cover image Untouchable


Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee. Shadow Dragon, $14.95 trade paper (220p) ISBN 978-1-932926-85-9

There isn’t a lot of pizzazz in Habiger and Kissee’s serviceable second Saul Imbierowicz historical urban fantasy (following Unremarkable), despite the fun premise of Saul and his boss, Eliot Ness, attempting to apprehend vampire gangster Al Capone. Saul has recently become a vampire himself, making him stronger and faster than his human partner, Agent Christian Wright, who both loathes Saul and is the only member of the team other than Ness to know of his transformation. Despite the animosity between them, Saul turns to Christian for help when he learns that a vampire war may be brewing in Chicago between Capone and a mystery vampire. Throughout this tale, Saul constantly imagines his Jewish family commenting on his actions (“If you’d rather drink this gentile’s blood and disappoint your mother, then go ahead”) as a way of coping with the knowledge that they believe him to be dead. This conceit is often amusing but occasionally becomes distracting, as when Saul’s imagined parents and sister interrupt his fight scenes. The abrupt, cliff-hanger ending creates an unfinished feel that will frustrate new readers. Still, Saul’s arresting narrative voice and the inclusion of real historical events will please series fans. (Mar.)