The Girls with Kaleidoscope Eyes

Howard V. Hendrix. Fairwood, $17.99 trade paper (318p) ISBN 978-1-933846-77-4
Hendrix’s first book since the 2006 novel Spears of God collects a pleasing array of science fiction stories. While there are no explicit links between the individual stories, recurring ideas such as the Mobius strip bring a sense of unity. The history of science fiction is well represented, with “Palimpsest” and “The Infinite Manque” paying homage to Arthur C. Clarke and Daniel Keyes, respectively. Other highlights include “Whatever Became of What Might Have Been,” a comparison of addictions; “Knot Your Grandfather’s Knot,” a poignant time travel story centered on the 1939 World’s Fair; “Monuments of Unageing Intellect,” an exploration of the implications of immortality; and the title novella, which combines AI and genetics to explore potential ramifications of the surveillance state. Occasionally the scientific and philosophical explorations take precedence over characterisation, but the clever mix of story length and style keeps the reader’s attention. Fans of idea-driven SF will enjoy dipping in here and there or reading the collection straight through. (Aug.)
Reviewed on : 06/06/2019
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror
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