cover image Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework

Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework

Nadja Spiegelman, . . RAW Junior/Toon Books, $12.95 (39pp) ISBN 978-1-935179-02-3

While Zig (a young alien child) and Wikki (a walking computer) are out flying their spaceship, Zig gets a call from his teacher reminding him that his homework is late, again. Zig must find a pet for the class zoo, and his teacher warns him to not take Wikki with him since the two of them always get into mischief. Despite that, the two friends land on planet Earth in search of a pet. During their adventure, they learn about how the food chain operates, until Zig accidentally uses his shrink ray on Wikki instead of a raccoon. Each time they find a potential pet, Wikki's built-in computer screen flashes with a photographed image of the animal, as the book mixes appealing cartooning with informational “Wikki's Fun Facts” about animals. Ages 4–8. (Apr.)